Eyes they say are the windows to the soul, so let’s make your soul even more beautiful. All our eye treatments are done on a heated bed in a tranquil atmosphere.
*If you are new to the salon or have never been tinted, you will require a patch test 24hrs prior to your appointment. Treatment will not be carried out without a patch test. All tinting, lifting and extensions require a patch test 24hours prior to treatment*

Eyebrow shape - £8

Brows waxed into shape.

Eyebrow tint - £8.50

Brows tinted to give a fuller look and add shape. Perfect for holidays or to give a darker appearance to blonde hairs.

Eyebrow shape + tint - £13.50

Brows are tinted and shaped.

Eyelash tint + Brow shape and tint - £23

Brows shaped and tinted, lashes tinted.

Express Lash - £29

Using the same lashes and glue as lash extensions but applied in a quicker way, designed to last two weeks maximum. These lashes cannot be infilled they must be removed and a new set applied. The best bit about this treatment is it only takes 30 mins.

Lash extensions - £47

Thicker-fuller-longer more dramatic lashes. Consultation is essential to get a realistic goal for your individual lashes. Maintenance is essential if you plan on keeping your lashes looking their best. Please note that this treatment can only take place on perfectly clean bare lashes.

Lash infills:
2-3 weeks - £35

Lash infills for lashes 2-3 weeks old, lashes older than this will require a new set due to time, please book accordingly. Only lashes applied by the salon can be infilled.

Lash Lift - £38

Make the most of your natural lashes. This treatment lifts and tints the natural lashes giving a thicker more curled natural lash. Please note you must arrive with clean bare lashes, failure to do so may result in the treatment being refused due to lack of time.
*Please be advised that our cancellation policy is a 50% fee if cancelled with less than 24 hours notice before appointment time.*
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