Men's Treatments

Here at the beauty boutique we welcome gentlemen too. Even the busiest man needs time to relax and recharge or take care of themselves. From waxing to massage we can take care of all your beauty needs (in a manly way obviously).

Skin Treatments

Every man deserves good skin. All our skin treatments are done using Thalgo marine based products for the ultimate in results and relaxation.

Mini skin treatment - £33

30 mins of hands on therapy cleaning and recharging tired skin. Perfect for those in a rush but want refreshed skin.

Standard skin treatment - £41

60 mins of relaxation beginning with our signature back massage, then your skin is scrubbed and massaged further inducing complete relaxation. Perfect for the man who wants to look a little more polished.

Luxury skin treatment - £55

90 mins of manly bliss. Your back is massaged to relieve tension before we pamper your face to a youthful glow. Using red algae and sea minerals your skin will feel completely refreshed. Perfect for the man with a little extra time to spare.


For when you just want a good firm massage to break up areas of tension and relieve those aching muscles. With a variety of oils for you to choose from all you need to do is decide how much time you have to spare.

Back, neck and shoulder massage - £27

30mins of good firm massage to breakup areas of tension and relieve aching muscles.

Full body massage - £39

One whole hour to enjoy a firm massage that will help get rid of tension and relax your body and mind


Waxing is not just for the vain, it’s for the man who takes pride in his appearance. Using the French brand Perron-Riggot (the best wax in the world) making your waxing as pain free as possible. Our experienced therapists can give you that clean smooth look all over your body. If it grows we can wax it!

Nostril or Mono-brow - £5

Remove those pesky nose hairs or tidy up those unruly brows. (Eye watering but wow looks so much better.)

Mono-brow & Nostril - £10

Rid yourself of the overgrown brow and tidy your nose hairs up, this is a game changer!

Hollywood - £36

Complete removal of ALL pubic hair (little bit painful) but totally worth it for a smooth and soft man garden.

Back or Chest - £17

Your whole back or chest waxed to a smooth finish.

Back & Chest - £29

The back AND the chest waxed to a smooth finish. (Slightly painful but totally worth it!)
*For all waxing treatments we require minimum 5mm of hair growth. We begin each treatment by cleansing the area, then applying the chosen wax. Once the wax is removed the area is again cleaned of any leftover wax and soothing after wax lotion is applied.*

Standard Wax Package - £40

This package includes mono-brow, nostril, back and chest wax with a 15min back massage. The perfect package to keep you at the top of your game.

Ultimate Wax Package - £65

This is the ultimate in male waxing, perfect for holidays or just general grooming. This package includes mono-brow, nostril, back, chest and Hollywood. Once all this is complete you get a 15 min back massage with soothing oil because you deserve it after that. I defy any man not to feel beach ready and confident after this package.
*Please be advised that our cancellation policy is a 50% fee if cancelled with less than 24 hours notice before appointment time.*
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