Nothing makes a lady feel more ladylike than good nails – here at the beauty boutique that’s our speciality.

Gel polish

The most popular nail product, lasts 2 weeks, keeps its colour and shine. With over 160 gel colours to choose from you’ll be sure to find the perfect shade

Gel manicure - £22.50

Cuticles are pushed back and nails filed and shaped before a gel colour of your choice is expertly applied.

Bespoke nail-art add on - £6.50

Make your nails that much more special.

Gel / acrylic overlays - £26

For those who need more than just a polish on their nails. This harder base stays on the nail giving superior strength. Your choice of colour is applied over the overlay.

Infills for overlays or extensions - £27

Infills for overlays or extensions require the same work, your cuticles are pushed back, old colour filed off, old product filled, and rebalanced, new colour applied to bring the nail back to life and looking beautiful again.

Gel / acrylic extensions - £38

If you need a complete transformation of your nails this is the treatment for you. Your nails are extended in your choice of either gel or acrylic and finished in the colour of your choice.
*Any gel not applied by the Beauty Boutique is subject to a £7 surcharge prior to any nail treatment commencing. We do not charge to remove any gel applied at the Beauty Boutiqe.*

Standard lacquer file and polish - £11

Short on time, don’t want gel, you can have your nails professionally painted in Jessica Phenom colour, choose from many of our beautiful shades. (please note no cuticle work is done with this treatment.)

Standard file and polish for toes - £17

No fuss just perfectly painted glossy toes.

Therapeutic manicure - £30

Using Nailtiques protein formulas that help maintain and strengthen natural nails. Hot mists help to infuse nail moisturisers deep into the nail plate. Protein formula and a standard lacquer is applied for a professional finish. Perfect for those who wish to grow their own nails.

Gel pedicure - £32

The ultimate treat for feet! Soaked, filed, scrubbed, massaged and painted, you’ll leave feeling like you’re walking on air.

Gel toe paint (with existing gel on) - £17.50

Old gel colour removed and new gel colour applied. Nails are filed, shaped and cuticles are pushed back.

Gel toe paint (with no gel on toes) - £15

Toes painted in gel polish leaving a high gloss long lasting colour. Nails will be filed and cuticles pushed back.

Luxury gel pedicure - £37

Heaven for those who are on their feet all day. Your feet are soaked in either Egyptian milk or blue lagoon bath crystals then a scrub is applied right up to the knees leaving the lower legs totally revitalised. Then on a heated bed whilst your feet are deeply moisturised with hot boots your legs are treated to a massage. After that your toes are beautifully painted. You can choose from a polynesian or indocieane pedicure experience.

Nail repair (before 7 days) - Free

If you have had your nails done less than 7 days ago and there is a problem please let us fix it for you free of charge.

Nail repair (after 7 days) - £2.50

If you have a problem with a nail then let us fix it for you, but we will have to charge you for our time.
*Any repairs on nails done after 7 days of application are subject to a charge of £2.50 per nail*
*Please be advised that our cancellation policy is a 50% fee if cancelled with less than 24 hours notice before appointment time.*
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