Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Indulge in a massage that's not only good for your mind, body and soul, but also for vascular health, lung function, reducing allergies, and so much more. In short this is a treatment you can't afford to miss out on.

Hot Stone Full Body Massage

The ultimate in body massage. 60 wonderfully relaxing minutes using oil and hot stones the whole body is treated to the warming benefits and deeply penetrating heat of these amazing stones. Perfect for people with deep tension and stiff muscles.

Hot Stone Back Massage

A traditional back massage but with the added extra of hot stones. The use of these stones will warm up the muscle quicker and provider a deeper, longer lasting, effect. Perfect for really tight stressed muscles.

Indulgence Body Massage

On our signature heated beds and in our blissfully relazing rooms that will envelope all your senses, our expert therapist will spend a full 90 mins massaging the whole of your body, this is perfect for when a standard hour just isn't enough. This is a totally bespoke treatment, you choose the oils and you choose the areas of concern and the intensity of the massage.

Body Exfoliation

Perfect for a pre-holiday treat, every inch of your skin is crubbed with the scrub of your choice and a body creme applied. A simple treatment often overlooked. You will leave feeling refreshed and silky soft.

Bamboo Body Massage

The Eastern art of bamboo massage will relax whilst pounding away the tension. Using traditional bamboo sticks and authentic coconut oil you will feel how much stronger this is than massage by hand. (This is perfect for Sports people) 80 mins treatment time is like a full nights sleep, you will feel invigorated and relaxed all at the same time.

Thalgo Ocean Back Ritual

Laying down in a tranquil atmosphere on a warm bed the whole back of your body is dry body brushed, exfoliated and washed, before a mineral rich mask is applied. Whilst this gets to work your feet and scalp are massaged. Body mask is then removed with hot steam towels followed by a relaxing massage to your legs and back, last but not least an application of hydrating body creme is applied. You'll float out feeling amazing.

Body Massage

60 mins of massage treatment time will help your body recover from the stress and strains of every day life. Not only does massage lower blood pressure and stimulate circulation and lymph drainage, but is will improve mood and reduce stress hormones. Choose from a variety of different oils and allow your self to let us do the rest.

Luxury Back Massage

On our signature heated beds with soothing music surrounding your senses, the treatment begins with dry body brushing to invigorate, then an oil rich scrub exfoliates your skin leaving it super soft before your back is treated to a deep tissue massage, finishing with an aromatherapy infused steam towel and an application of nourishing body cream.

Back Massage

Having the choice of different oils, depending on your needs. Our expert therapist will treat your back to 30 mins of tension relieving massage to melt away the stress on our signature heated beds.

Lava Shell Luxury Body Massage

This luxury treatment is 60 mins of warmth and cocooning making you drift in and out of sleep. The tiger clam shells used are heated with minerals to maintain a constant temperature and help get deep in to those achy muscles, whilst the heated bed and duvet helps you to sink in to relazation. Then the slef heating eye mask finally pushes you fully in to total relazation and massage bliss.

Lava Shell Indulgent Back Massage

This is a 40 minute treatment using hot tiger clam shells containing volcanic ash and minerals that creates a radiant warmth, giving you an incredibly relaxing and indulgent massage. During your treatment the therapist will work over areas of tension using the shells unique shape combined with the constant warmth. Making this the ultimate treatment for achy muscles.