Toe Nail Cut

Just a plain and simple toe nail cut with a qualified foot health care practitioner. Ideal if you don't want or need anything other than just your toe nails cut. Perfect for people who struggle to cut toe nails or might be diabetic and need it doing professionally. Nails are cut and filed to a healthy lenght and shape.

Foot Health Treatment

Foot health is more important than you think so if you suffer from fungal infections, veruccas, ingrown toe nails, diabetes, corns, plantar fasciitis, thick brittle toe nails, excessive or stubborn hard skin then book an appointment and let our fully qualified FHP help you on the road to healthy feet. All treatments are finished with a reflexology style massage and done in a private room so don't be embarassed, there's no problem we can't help fix on the feet.


This is the ultimate treatment for your feet, the perfect combination of medication preparation of feet and the luxurious feeling of a pampering pedicure. Your feet are treated to a full foot health assessment and treatment of any condition, ie: fungla infection, ingrown toenails, severe hard skin, corns, excessive thick toe nails. Once your feet are treated we then mve on to perform the wonderfully pampering pedicure with soak, scrub, massage and nail paint. This is a seriously food changing treatment all done on a heated bed in a tranquil atmosphere with unlimited tea and biscuits.

Verucca Removal

If you suffer from stubborn verrucas on your feet this medical treatment will physically cut them out and apply a killing agent to the centre of the verruca. Please note this service is suitable for all ages and treats both feet for as many verrucas you have. Depending on depth and severity more than one treatment may be needed.

Elim Full Foot Peel Treatment

Elim is a unique pedicure unlike anything you might have had before. The revolutionary peel is applied whilst lying on a heated bed with old polish removed, intense cuticle work is done to reveal clean moisturised nails. An AHA scrub and clay mask is applied then remove using hot steam towels infused with menthol and eucalyptus for a truly refreshing experience. Next a non slip gel powder massage is applied in the form of a full lower leg massage. Lastly a spritz of golden shimmer spray is applied to make your feet look and smell amazing. To take this treatment to the next level it can be booked with our elim pedi paint add on to really spruce up your toe nails.

Elim Heel Peel

Elim heel peel is the express treatment to begin the process of removing excess hard skin by melting and peeling dead skin away from the feet. Lying on a bed your feet are soaked in the peel allowing it to dissolve dead skin. The peel is neutralised and rinsed away before a skin moisturiser is applied. This is perfect for in between Elim pedicures or as an add on to facials. This can be done whilst the face mask is on making it an ideal top up for people short on time but wanting results. (Please note this treatment does not touch the nails)