Microneedling Deluxe Facial

This is an intense 90 minutes of serious skin treatment using microneedling and tri-polar radior frequency with vacuum suction. In short this highly popular treatment will stimulate grade A collagen and elastin fibres to plump out skin and keep youthful appearance, help reduce scar tissue or pitting from acne scars, drain lymph away to reduce dark circles and eye bags whilst providing a lifting effect. Your skin will also benefit from LED light therapy exciting the deeper skin cells, promoting new growth and healing. Not only will your skin be given the very best to offer using all the technology we have but also powerful serums and highly active ingredients.

Microneedling Facial

This is a 60 minute skin transforming treatment using microneedling to promote grade A collagen production by making micro channels in the skin using very fine needles. This creates a perceived trauma to the skin resulting in enhanced collagen and elastin fibre production. The results of this treatment will help with fine lines, scars and general brightening and tightening. This is all done in a medical grade environment using sterile disposable packs for each person. In-depth consultation will be given at the beginning of the treatment to assess your suitability and types of results to be expected.