IBX Nail Strengthening Treatment (Add On)

This is a treatment to help with delamination of the nail plate helping to fuse together thin weak nails. Applied under nail enhancement, helping the nails to become stronger naturally. Please note this is an add on service to other nail treatments.

Bespoke Nail Art Add On Service (Add On)

Add on service for anyone wanting that extra special nail service.

Traditional Manicure With Normal Nail Polish

A traditional manicure where fingers are soaked and cuticles pushed back. Nails are filed into shape and painted in traditional nail polish. Whilst it's drying you are treated to a mini hand and arm massage.

Gel Manicure (With Removal)

Nails manicured and painted in long lasting gel polish with previous gel polish removal beforehand.

Gel Manicure (With No Removal)

Nails manicured and painted in long lasting gel polish. Cuticles are pushed back, nails filed and hand creme applied at the end.

Therapeutic Manicure

Using protein formulas that help maintain and strengthen natural nails. Hot mitts help to infuse nail moisturisers deep in to the nail plate. Protein formula and standard lacquer is applied for a professional finish. Perfect for those who wish to grow their own nails.