IBX Nail Strengthening Treatment (Add On)

This is a treatment to help with delamination of the nail plate helping to fuse together thin weak nails. Applied under nail enhancement, helping the nails to become stronger naturally. Please note this is an add on service to other nail treatments.

Bespoke Nail Art Add On Service (Add On)

Add on service for anyone wanting that extra special nail service.

Standard Lacquer File And Polish

Nails filed in to shape and professionally painted in Jessica Phenom colour. Choose from many of our beautiful shades.

Gel Manicure (With Removal)

Nails manicured and painted in long lasting gel polish with previous gel polish removal beforehand.

Gel Manicure (With No Removal)

Nails manicured and painted in long lasting gel polish. Cuticles are pushed back, nails filed and hand creme applied at the end.

Therapeutic Manicure

Using protein formulas that help maintain and strengthen natural nails. Hot mitts help to infuse nail moisturisers deep in to the nail plate. Protein formula and standard lacquer is applied for a professional finish. Perfect for those who wish to grow their own nails.

Gel Toe Paint (With Existing Gel On)

Old gel colour removed and new gel colour applied. Nails are filed, shaped and cuticles are pushed back.

Gel Toe Paint (With No Gel On Toes)

Toes painted in gel polish leaving a high gloss long lasting colour. Nails will be filed and cuticle pushed back.

Gel Pedicure

Feet soaked, filed, scrubbed and painted, hard skin removed. You'll be walking on air after.

Luxury Gel Pedicure

Heaven for toes, hot boots, invigorating scrub, gel polish, foot and leg massage. What's not to like?

Full Set Of Gel / Acrylic Extensions

Complete transformation of your nails, choice of gel or acrylic to extend the length and shape of your nails and painted in the gel colour of your choice.

Gel / Acrylic Overlays

A hard base that stays on your nail for superior strength. Your choice of gel colour applied on top.

Infills For Overlays Or Extensions

Infill and re-balance nails on overlays or extensions. Please note we only infill our own work. We do not work on nails applied at any other salon, especially ones applied at Chinese nail bars.

Nail Repair (Before 7 Days)

If you have had your nails done less than 7 days ago and there is a problem please let us fix it for you free of charge.

Nail Repair (After 7 Days)

If you have a problem with a nail then let us fix it for you, but we will have to charge you for our time.

Soak Off

Your old gel soaked off with no damage to your natural nails. Please note this is only available to clients who have had their gel applied at The Beauty Boutique.