Indoceanne Spa Ritual

This intoxicating spa ritual starts with a foot soak in the most sensual Egyptian bath milk and scrubbed with sweet mediterranean exfoliation before your whole body enjoys an Ayuredic inspired massage. The, wrapped in silky smooth body wrap you endulge in the most pleasurable scalp massage. It's hard not to drift off to sleep during this treatment.

Merveille Artique Spa Ritual

Abandon yourself in the age old Nordic rituals in which soothing warm kneading and stretching combined with relaxing ice bubbles result in intense relaxation and overall harmony. This uniqud heat exchance starts with a foot soak, followed by a fresh scrub of the legs, then on to the bed for massage and pure relaxation.

Polynesian Spa Ritual

Polynesian spa ritual will begin with a foot soak in blue lagoon water, then a foot scrub to invigorate the feet and legs. Followed by mahantia massage incorporating rhythmic Lomi-Lomi moves and warm sand pouches. Finally, sacred oil is swept over the skin leaving a suble glow and the delicate scent of flowers and monoi.