1/2 Leg Wax

From just above the knee all the way to the ankles (and including the toes if needed) hairs removed using warm wax followed by a moisture rich lotion applied to the skin to soothe and hydrate.

Facial Area X3

Three facial areas waxed. Lip, chin, sides of face, nostril.

Facial Area X2

Two facial areas waxed. Lip, chin, sides of face, nostril.

Facial Area X1

One facial area waxed. Lip, chin, sides of face, nostril.

Hollywood Bikini Wax (Female)

Hollywood bikini wax, the complete removal of all pubic hair. You will be required to remove knickers to make it easier for your waxing therapist to do the job quickly and effectively, but you will have a modesty towel to cover yourself with during the treatment. One thing we can tell you is you'll love the clean smooth results you're left with.

Brazillian Bikini Wax

Brazillian bikini wax, removal of pubic hair leaving a small strip to the front of the bikini. Tops, bottoms (perineal) and sides are all removed. This is the perfect wax if you like to wear thongs.

Standard Bikini Wax

Standard bikini wax which is the removal of a small amount of pubic hair to the sides of the bikini area, perfect for a tidy up before wearing leg high briefs.

Full Leg Including Hollywood Wax

Full leg wax and hollywood wax, this is the complete removal of all hair from the belly button down and including the perineal area (this is not a pain free treatment ladies, sorry). Using a mixture of warm and hot was our expert waxers will get you hair free as soon as possible. We can't promise it won't hurt but we can promise to get the pain over and done with as fast as possible.

Full Leg Including Brazillian Bikini Wax

Full leg wax including a brazillian bikini wax (which is rather a lot of hair removed). Using the most suitable waxes for your hair and skin our expert waxing therapists will put you at ease whilst qickly and efficiently giving you silky smooth skin.

Full Leg Including Standard Bikini

Full leg wax including a standard bikini waz. Using a warm wax on the legs and a hot wax if needed on the bikini. You will leave silky smooth and happy.

Underarm Wax

Underarm wax, complete removal of underarm hair with warm or hot wax depending on your hair and skin type.

Hollywood Bikini Wax (Male)

This is the must have for the perfectly groomed man garden. Can't lie this is a little bit painful but our expert waxing therapists will do all we can to make it as quick as possible. You will be required to remove all underwear but a modesty towel is provided and used at all times.

Back Or Chest Wax

Back waxed with warm wax, once all the hair is removed (as quickly as possible) you can enjoy the cooling, refreshing application of soothing after wax lotion.

Back And Chest Wax

The perfect way to prep for your holiday or just keep yourself looking smooth. Your back and chest will be completely hair free and smooth, then a cooling soothing after wax lotion applied to hydrate your new smooth skin.

Forearm Wax

Waxing of the forearms using a cream wax that will remove the hair and leave the skin soft and nourished.